Frequently Asked Questions


All items are shipped via standard trackable service. Regular shipping countries and time estimates: Australia 2-5 business days USA 5 business days Canada 9 business days New Zealand 5 business days I can ship worldwide!! If you are in another country, please contact me for shipping options. Pieces are packaged very securely, but if any damage has occured during shipping, please contact me within 24 hours of receiving.

Caring for your Stained Glass item

I spend a lot of time and attention washing and waxing each piece so that your glass arrives on your doorstep bright and shiny! However, the metal solder lines tend to oxidize over time. If down the road you want to shine up your piece, follow these suggestions: - Use a soft toothbrush to gently remove any whitish, crusty looking oxidization. - With a very soft cloth (an old, cotton t-shirt works great), gently rub and buff the glass as well as the metal lines to remove any dust or fingerprints. - To add extra shine, use a bit of car wax or furniture polish: follow the directions, but DO NOT over buff!! Any patina on the solder lines (black or copper) can be buffed right off with too much pressure or over-exertion. - Never use Windex, vinegar, or abrasives to clean stained glass pieces. Dry cloth, wax, or non-ammonia based products only!

Lead & Safety Info

The traditional Tiffany technique of creating stained glass utilizes metal solder comprised of 60% tin and 40% lead. Lead is primarily harmful if ingested, and therefore stained glass pieces pose very little risk. However, it is best to be safe: Wash your hands after touching, and never allow children to handle.