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Hi there!                             

My name is McKinnley, and people seem to like stories, so here is mine:


I’ve always been creative, if not exactly artistically gifted - I can’t draw a stick man to save my life - and anything remotely related to sports makes me quiver in terror. Reading and writing have been my lifeblood since I was a kid, and through my teens and 20’s I was an actor-singer-dancer. I turned to painting next, and while I enjoyed putting colour to canvas, it never quite scratched my creative itch. 

Somewhere along the line stained glass hit my radar, and it really appealed to me: the mix of colours and patterns, making things with my hands, the ability to create without necessarily having to draw particularly well..

This idea simmered on the back burner for ages until I finally found a private teacher, and before I’d even finished my first piece I was in love. The process and techniques came easily to me, and I couldn’t wait to make more.


Then I moved across the world: from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia.  I set up a little studio space, and got to work creating as many pretty things as I could.

I love that the pieces I make are created solely for their beauty - it's important to enjoy the spaces we spend so much time in!  Bringing beautiful art into our lives and homes may be a small thing, but it can add pleasure and comfort, and I think that is so worthwhile.


While designing a new suncatcher I picture it hanging in a sunny kitchen window, or brightening up a dull office. I imagine it being given as a gift, and the smile that will come as it's unwrapped. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to create, and to bring a smile to someone's face. 

All I can say is “Follow Your Heart,” it will lead you to the most incredible places.

I hope my art work brings joy to your day, and beauty to your space. 

Thanks for stopping by! xx

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